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Reducing threats, managing data,
integrating seamlessly with the eco-system to
automate the incident response, and maximizing the
security operations efficiency is needed to modernize
your customers’ SOC, and this can all be done with
LinkShadow Next-Generation SIEM Platform.
LinkShadow SIEM Modules:
Log Management
Collects, manages, and analyzes log source to create reports/dashboards.
Log management also allows for the normalization and classification of logs from all types of data sources in any format, allowing depth search and analytics to customize your customers’ reports and build their preferred dashboards.
Vulnerability Assessment
Identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the vulnerabilities in your network and environment.
Vulnerability assessment also manages tests and reports generated from a central location, with minimum bandwidth restrictions and network segmentation.
Event Correlation Engine &
Automated Response
Correlates, detects, and responds automatically and proactively.
This module analyses all collected events and tests it against the existing rules to detect threats. It then automates the incident response with out-of-the-box integrations to automate different actions on various security solutions.
Advanced Windows
Auditing (AWA)
AWA allows LinkShadow to map tactics and techniques to the
MITRE ATT&CK Matrix and other frameworks.It also allows in-depth endpoint and registry auditing, process, connection analysis, and more.
System Monitoring
Generates out-of-the-box reports
and dashboards to assist with
health checks and various
security operations.
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